National metrics on freedom of information access rights

Australian Information Access Commissioners and Ombudsmen have today released the inaugural dashboard of metrics on the public’s use of freedom of information (FOI) access rights.

The metrics will enable the community to examine the performance of their local FOI laws and to advocate accordingly, as well as improving community understanding of how FOI laws work and how to access them.

In recognition of the release of the FOI metrics, the listed independent statutory officers have released the following statement:

The right to access information is a fundamental tenet of Open Government. The dashboard of metrics on public use of FOI access laws is a first for Australia. The dashboard reflects the currently available data that is reasonably comparable across jurisdictions and the priority in Australia’s first Open Government National Action Plan to promote the importance of better measuring and improving our understanding of the public’s use of rights under freedom of information laws.

We encourage the community to use the dashboard to better understand how FOI laws can be used to ensure government is releasing and providing access to more information to build public trust and promote an effective and contemporary model of Open Government that is fair, accountable and transparent.

Co-signed by:

Elizabeth Tydd, Information Commissioner, New South Wales

Rachael Rangihaeata, Information Commissioner, Queensland

Timothy Pilgrim, Australian Information Commissioner

Brenda Monaghan, Information Commissioner, Northern Territory

Richard Connock, Ombudsman, Tasmania

Sven Bluemmel, Information Commissioner, Victoria

Wayne Lines, Ombudsman, South Australia

Su Lloyd, Acting Information Commissioner, Western Australia


Dashboard of FOI metrics

Explanation of metrics

Summary of public consultation feedback 

Media statement