Our Office plays an important role in assisting agencies and the public, by providing advice, guidance and education about:

  • the Commissioner’s functions and role within Victoria’s FOI regime
  • any professional standards set by the Minister.

The Commissioner also has a broad educative function to promote the understanding and acceptance by agencies of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 and the object of the Act.  Legislation relating to the FOI Act can be found here.

Information for the public

The following fact sheets provide further information to applicants and the general public about the FOI process, our Office and the way reviews and complaints are handled.

Other useful links can be found here.

Resources for agencies

Fact sheets and guides on the recent changes made to the FOI Act

The following fact sheets and guides have been prepared for use by agencies. Please click on the links below to access these resources.

FOI in practice and Case notes

The “FOI in practice” series of resources is designed to provide Victorian Government agency officers with information and guidance on applying the provisions of the FOI Act.

FOI Practitioners Forum – Health Sector

The Health Sector FOI Practitioners Forum was held on the 6 June 2017. The below links allow you to download the materials presented on the day.