Annual Report 2012-13

The FOI Commissioner’s annual report provides an overview of the Commissioner’s activities over the 2012-13 financial year. In addition, the report contains data provided by agencies across Victoria on their FOI activities for all of 2012-13.

The report includes highlights and case studies focusing on the most significant change in FOI in Victoria for 30 years.

The FOI Commissioner’s annual financial statements have been consolidated with those of the Department of Justice. You can access the 2012-13 Annual Report of the Department of Justice on its website (external link).

As part of the office’s commitment to environmental sustainability, we have limited the number of hard copies produced. You can read, download or print the full annual report, or relevant parts of the report, from the files below.

Note on 2012-13 Annual Report of the Freedom of Information Commissioner

As reported in its annual report for 2014-15, the office of the Freedom of Information Commissioner has been advised that, for the reporting period 2012-13, the following data applies to the entry for the Premier of Victoria in the table listing “Names and Titles of Decision Makers” (appearing as Appendix E in this report) –

Eddy Gisonda (Senior Legal Advisor to the Premier) [3-1-1]

Don Coulson (FOI Officer to the Premier) [1-1-2]

Tony Nutt (Chief of Staff to the Premier) [0-0-1]


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