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Accessibility tools

Many tools exist to help people with a disability access the internet. These tools are defined as either ‘hardware’ or ‘software’.


Various hardware tools can help people with disabilities to use a computer keyboard or mouse.

These tools manipulate the keyboard or mouse, because the person with a disability cannot use them. Examples are:

  • A small Braille display that a blind person can use to read the screen line by line.
  • Pointers that manipulate the mouse onscreen for people with motor disabilities.
  • Alternative keyboards – Keyboards that have limited keys for people with motor disabilities. These include keyboards manipulated by fingers and keyboards manipulated using a head-wand.


Software tools can also help users interact with computers in ways that best suit them.

Examples are:

  • Screen readers – Programs such as and that convert a web site into a Braille display or read it in audio for people who are blind, visually impaired or have dyslexia.
  • Screen Magnifiers – Programs that magnify sections of the screen for people with vision impairments. See Windows Screen Magnifier.
  • Oversized cursors – Large cursors for people with vision impairments. See “Biggy” cursors.
  • Onscreen keyboards – Keyboards for people with motor disabilities used in combination with switching devices. See On-screen keyboard.
  • Programs that slow down applications for people with motor disabilities, for example CPU Killer (for Windows).

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